Welcome to the all new whatisph.com, now with more interwebs. We want to make it easier to find all the great shows we know you want to see, all the great performers we know you want to meet and quite frankly we got bored with the old site. I mean three years? Enough already.


If you are itching to know how pH got started hover over the little molecule in the corner for a secret tour of our humbling beginnings. If you want to know about our shows, then SHOWS is the place for you. If you are curious about our training center or our college training, then you’ll want pHARM HOUSE. If you are a benevolent trillionaire who loves comedy or if you want to donate a chair or two, then you’ll want pHUNDRAISING. Use HIRE US to book a gig or rent out the theater. OUR STORY will give you a little background on the theater and OUR pHAMILY will let us introduce ourselves to you. We look forward to hearing from you on the design of the new site, and hopefully seeing you at our fun little theater. Until then, we are pH…good night.