The 2014 Fall Lineup for pH boasts two of the most ambitious shows ever staged at The pH Comedy Theater, Assemblers 3: Countdown to Assemblers 4 and Don’t Pass Go!


Playing on Friday nights at 9:30PM, Assemblers 3: Countdown to Assemblers 4 is a continuation of the hit Assemblers sketch franchise. The entire original cast is joined this time by a group of newcomers to raise the total number of “Assemblers” to 12! It’s the third in the series so everything is bigger, bolder and more go for broke – because quadrilogies just don’t happen. All new sketches parody the ideas of trilogies, bad guys and the general ridiculousness of the comic book/summer blockbuster world we all live in. Directed again by Brett Mannes and featuring returning cast members Kayce Alltop, Austin Campion, Amy Couey, Drew Current, Colt Duba, Scott Hogan and Steve Hund. New cast members include Shanna Berry, Nick De Fina, Garrett Kelly and Rasheeda Moore and Shane Wallace. The sketches were written by the ensemble with additional material from Kenny Metroff and Jason Geis. Assemblers plays every Friday at 9:30PM through Thanksgiving.


Saturday nights at 9:30PM are taking a trip around the Boardwalk with an all original musical, Don’t Pass Go! The writing directing team behind The Breakfast Club Musical and The Room: The Musical are back with a completely non-movie, original show. Based on America’s favorite board game, Don’t Pass Go takes place in the fictional world of the game board – places like Baltic Avenue and Park Place are brought to life with song and dance. But, as with any game, there’s an element of chance! The musicians and actors don’t actually know what show they are playing that night! An audience member will roll a set of dice in the middle of the opening number and depending on what number is rolled, you could see one of four different shows. One show takes place on the poor side of town in the slums of Baltic Avenue, one takes place in the quaint lower-middle class suburb community of St James Place, one in the upper middle class world of Marvin Gardens and the final in the ivory tower of Park Place. A potentially different show every week – come roll the dice and take a chance. Directed and written by Jason Geis (The Breakfast Club Musical, The Room: The Musical, Flux Capacitor A Very McFly Musical) with music by the critically acclaimed Brad Kemp. Featuring Gavin Donnellan, Jake Farrington, Jess Herron, Lou Leonardo, Natalie Mueller, Tristan Tanner and Dan Wright. Assistant Direction by Patrick Serrano. Stage Management by Molly Mattaini. Choreography by Morgan Dixon. Don’t Pass Go plays every Saturday at 9:30PM through Thanksgiving.


In addition to these great new shows, our continued lineup is still available as well. Click on this link to check out all the available shows!