We’re putting a spin on the classic dinner theatre concept as The Wooden Spoon and pH Comedy Theatre team up for a very special class with comedy! (or is it comedy with class?!)


Chef Alix will lead you through a fun and educational cooking class. After dinner, while you enjoy dessert, the wildly hilarious and critically acclaimed pH Comedy Theatre will entertain you with its unique brand of comedy theatre. Don’t miss this special opportunity to cook, learn, love and laugh with The Wooden Spoon and pH Comedy Theatre!


About the Show: Everyone has advice – from what you should wear to what you should bring to a dinner party – but it’s not always good advice. In one of their signature improv shows, Bad Advice, The pH Comedy Theater¬†www.whatisph.com¬†explores the characters that we encounter every day and adds a kick of spice. With your suggestions we’ll create hilarious characters that will remind you of your bosses, your second grade teachers – maybe even someone in this room! Throughout the show our characters will come to you and give you advice, and maybe even get your advice on things – it’s the perfect introductory taste of the interactive style of improv at The pH Comedy Theater.

Reserve your spots today to see just how fun it is to mix Cooking with Comedy!


Together We’ll Make…


Click here to register: http://woodenspoonchicago.com/cooking-with-comedy-2166.html