To celebrate Halloween, the cast of Assemblers 3: Countdown to Assemblers 4 is offering their show half price IF you show up in costume. It doesn’t have to be superhero themed, but you’ll get major points if it is. Points are not redeemable for additional money off, points are more of a social credit thing.

Friday, October 31, 9:30PM only. $7.50 tickets with a costume. Offer not available with any other deals or student pricing. Half price tickets can only be purchased LIVE at the box office and can NOT be pre-ordered online. So don’t even try it, because we don’t invade your privacy to see if you’re wearing a costume when you order. I mean, just be cool everyone.

The pH Comedy Theater is very pleased to announce the hiring of eight new cast members from their 2014/2015 auditions. Over 200 people auditioned for these spots and we couldn’t be happier with our new selections. Auditions take place once a year and are typically held in the late fall. If you are interested in auditions or in our upcoming audition for our pHarm House Class program, then sign up for our mailing list or watch our Facebook page for details.


Our newest cast members are: Mike Aviles, Sara Cardon, Cynthia Kmak, Johnnalee Kutzke, Matt Lamson, Bill Letz, Galya Loeb and Jared Miller. Two of the eight new hires (Sara Cardon and Jared Miller) our from our pHarm House student program.