We are excited to announce a new partnership with Arcade Brewery and Ranalli’s of Andersonville – two of our favorite things.


So how’s it work? Easy.


Step 1: Go to Ranalli’s of Andersonville (1512 W. Berwyn) before any show for either dinner, or to pick up drinks (we are BYOB remember).


Step 2: Purchase any Arcade Brewery beer. Ask your server for the current selections. Make sure you save your bottlecap. Because…


Step 3: Bring your Arcade Brewery bottlecap token to The pH Comedy Theater (1515 W. Berwyn) for $1 off any ticket. Two bottlecaps = $2. Three bottlecaps? $3. Four bottlecaps? You have a problem, seek help please. Every bottlecap is equal to $1 off any ticket.


Boom. It’s that easy.

Eat. Drink. Laugh. Repeat.

The pH Comedy Theater is pleased to participate in the 2015 Chicago Theatre Week!

Theatre week is February 12-22. In celebration we are offering $8 tickets to our hit shows: Bad Advice, pHamily the Musical, West High and Game Night!

For $8 tickets to Bad Advice and pHamily use code: THWEEK at checkout.

For $8 tickets to West High and Game Night use code: THWEEK1 at checkout.

Get your tickets now!

Late night is back y’all! We are launching two new midnight shows to keep you laughing well into the next day.


show_midnightoilFridays at midnight host Dan Wright brings talent from all over Chicago to the stage in Midnight Oil. Independent teams join pH veterans on stage for a no-rules celebration of talent. $5 and BYOB? Sounds like a pretty great way to end the week/kickoff the weekend. Grab tickets.



It’s back! The original pH show – pHrenzy, plays every Saturday night at midnight. It’s fast, it’s crazy, it’s a late night game show on speed. Each week one of the cast is eliminated by your votes, until we get down to one winner – and then we start all over with a new cast of performers. The winner of each season wins 10% of the total box office…and every show someone in the audience wins a prize – this week it’s a $20 gift certificate to Ranalli’s of Andersonville. Whaaat? If you like laughing (we’re good at improv) and drinking (we’re BYOB) and like to win stuff (you are a human), then pHrenzy is the show for you. Grab tickets now!