The pH Comedy Theater is proud to launch their newest sketch show, Single, Married, Divorced.


Playing Fridays at 9:30PM, Single, Married, Divorced is a semi-autobiographical show written and directed by Samantha Woodman. Everyone asks your relationship status – from casual conversation, to forms you have to fill out for the government, to your Facebook status – we are defined by our relationship status. Single, Married, Div0rced takes a look at, and makes fun of, that very idea. We’ll see how date nights work, pillow talk, even going to a concert – all through the eyes of a single person, a married couple and a divorced man. It’s a hilarious look at the world of relationships and status.


Single, Married, Divorced features a lot of pH’s new talent: Jamie Jirak, Bill Letz, Laura Cebula, Zachary Madison, Karen Murphy, Max Lazerine and Galya Loeb. Understudies: Aaron Moser and Jessica Heemskerk. Written and directed by Samantha Woodman. Assistant directed by Jason Geis. Music written by Brad Kemp.


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Yes, Andersonville! A new musical written by Bernard “Beans” Zephington and performed, of course, by The Andersonville Community Players.


Every Saturday at 9:30PM, Mr. Zephington and his “talented” ensemble guide you through Andersonville’s rich 800 year history. Through song and dance, you’ll go on a magical – and completely historically accurate – retelling of the history of Chicago’s hottest neighborhood.



Beans and The Andersonville Community Players are: Austin Campion, Kayce Alltop, Michael Aviles, Bill Letz, Johnnalee Kutzke, and Tristan Tanner. Understudies include: Kevin Romero, Rachel Relman, RC Thierault, Jared Miller, Jason Geis and Tawny Saffiedine. Written and directed by Brett Mannes. Assistant directed by Drew Current. Music direction by Natalie Moretti. Music written by Brad Kemp.


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