The best thing about Assemblers 4 is that it is a mashup of the best sketches from Assemblers 1-3. So every scene is guaranteed hilarious.


Besides, superhero movies sure do love a REBOOT …


Ben Affleck’s now the man behind the bat; there’s a brand new web-slinger in the Spider-Suit; and these days it seems like every superhero in the world of comic books is getting another crack at the silver screen. In other words: Hollywood loves a reboot! So what better way to poke fun at this cinematic scramble for big bucks than with the fourth installment of pH Comedy Theater’s hilarious sketch comedy show Assemblers 4: Disassemblered? Join Power Dude, Laser Pointer, Acceleron, Dr. Logic, Mind Girl and Magic Man as they lampoon your favorite heroes and villains in this beefed-up and rebooted collection of the funniest sketches from the last three years of Assemblers shows.


Ever wonder how the classic “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke was created in the first place? What happened to the chicken once she got the other side? These have been burning questions for us at The pH Comedy Theater for years. So we decided to uncover the origins of this groaner and many other timeless jokes in our new sketch comedy show, Laugh Lines. Anyone who has ever had a dad or eaten a box of Cracker Jacks will love it!


Be amused and amazed as we recreate the outrageous events we suspect went into shaping each comedy chestnut. Discover the genius backstories behind even the most generic one-liners during this high-energy, three-man sketch show.


Meet the characters behind the punch lines every Friday night at 9:30pm in Laugh Lines.


Laugh Lines is written and directed by pH company member Rasheeda Moore. It stars pH company members Jared Miller, Tawny Safieddine, and Dan Wright. Tickets are $15 for general admission ($10 with a valid student ID).