The pH Comedy Theater is the place to be on Halloween weekend! Just look at our spooky lineup of Chicago’s craziest Halloween shows!


Friday at 9:30 – Mark & Brandon Kill Demons – The only thing standing in the way of a demon apocalypse are two friends with giant machetes and a lot of booze.


Friday at 12am – Midnight Oil – What kind of crazy improv antics will happen when the clock strikes midnight?


Saturday at 8:00pm – Spooky the Musical – Our musical improvisers make up a macabre musical with your help!


Saturday at 9:30pm – Centralia: The Bloody Rock Musical – The air will be filled blood spray and the catchiest damn songs you ever heard as three friends descend upon the mysterious ghost town of Centralia, PA.


Click on our SHOWS page to for more information and to buy tickets! All shows are BYOB!

The pH Comedy Theater’s hit show, YES, ANDERSONVILLE! will be having an exclusive, one night only performance this Sunday, Oct. 11 at 7:00pm as part of Andersonville Arts Weekend.


If you missed this hilarious satire the first time around, now is your chance to discover the magic of 800 years of Andersonville history!


If you have seen it, bring a friend and say YES YES YES all over again!


Tickets available here.