new comedy shows

Two new comedy shows are open The pH Comedy Theater. If you are a fan of pain, passion, and the dark depths of the human heart … then you’ll love Pulp and Breakup Season!


On Fridays at 9:30pm, improv meets true crime dramas in Pulp! It’s all the murder and melodrama you love from the salacious true crime shows of the ID Channel all rolled into one hilarious, 3-act improvised show.


On Saturdays at 9:30pm, we present sketch comedy about the joys of breaking up. Breakup Season is our follow-up sketch show to our wildly popular Single, Married, Divorced. This time around we take on the world of break-ups. new break-ups, long-term relationship break-ups…even happy break-ups.


Visit our Shows section to buy tickets to our new comedy shows! And, hey, they are BYOB!