Winner, Best Feature and Best Director

2017 Houston Comedy Film Festival


“An awesome movie…Bringing comedy and a unique visual style to a quickly tiring genre.” – IndyRed


“Like a cross between Family Guy, South Park and Kick-Ass, LeSeurdmin is outrageously funny and daring.” – UK Film Review


“An absolute blast to watch…the perfect antidote for those who feel the Marvel and DC movies are going a little stale.” – Screen Critix


A tale that only the only us genre geeks at pH could help create…


After a messy breakup and subsequent full-day bender in an old Halloween costume, Peter “Lizardman” LeSeurdmin wakes up believing he’s half lizard. The adventure that ensues is one of bizarre shenanigans and okay, maybe a little bit of personal growth. It’s sharp and irreverent with an old-school animation style that distinguishes it from its oversaturated, technologically self-satisfied peers.


The man behind it all is pH Comedy veteran Nicholas De Fina, a Chicago-based filmmaker who quit his job to spend five years writing and animating this feature as a one-man crew. Riffing on a long-running joke between his brothers about thinly veiled superhero identities, LeSeurdmin elevates a lizard man to epic (literally) more-than-human proportions in the vein of over-the-top action movies. Gritty and vulgar content gets filtered through comedy and a throwback animation style that keeps it watchable without dampening the provocation.


pH Comedy members Drew Current, Rasheeda Moore, Tristan Tanner, Austin Campion, Dan Wright, Garrett Kelly, Patrick Serrano, and Brett Mannes provide the character voices.


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