Choose Your Own Apocalypse every Wednesday at 8PM

Every Wednesday at 8pm, The pH Comedy Theater is somewhat proud and somewhat terrified to present Choose Your Own Apocalypse.


Each week, the world will end in a different way based on your suggestion. Will the Earth die at the hands of ice caps melting, nuclear war, riddles, vanity, strong toddlers? We need you, our audience, to decide that for us. Then together, we will see The End of Days unfold through the magic of improvised comedy.


Designed like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, Choose Your Own Apocalypse is an improv comedy show steeped in high-energy gallows humor. At $5 a ticket, it’s a great way to get over the hump by replacing your pee-your-pants dread with pee-your-pants laughter.


After all, it’s the Apocalypse. Let’s go out laughing. Click here to experience Choose Your Own Apocalypse.