First annual Chicago Kids Zombie Adventure!

For over ten years The pH Comedy Theater has hosted The Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl – a decidedly adult event that allowed zombies to take over the neighborhood bars.


But what about the children??!


This year before the pub crawl starts we are going to get families in on the action. A zombie infestation has broken out and only you and your families can help stop it.


You and your family will start out at The pH Comedy Theater and immerse yourself in the start of our adventure. You’ll hear the beginning of the story, but then you’ll quickly all jump up and continue the story – and the adventure – in the streets of Andersonville. Find fun characters along the way, enjoy surprise treats and ultimately save the day.


$30 gets you and your family in on the action, you read that right – one price for all of you. Join us in our first year and help shape the adventure and save the neighborhood.


Get tickets now.