Thank you for answering our cries for help…you already seem like a nice person. The pH Comedy Theater is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which means we rely heavily on grants, fundraising and amazing patrons like you to help our theater keep running. Our actors are all volunteering their time to keep the theater running and rarely see a dime of the money we raise and earn – all of our money goes back into keeping the theater running, improving the theater and creating opportunities for our actors to actually go out and earn some of their own money from this craft.


But we’re still a comedy theater, so we like to make fundraising fun. Throughout the year we will have amazingly fun events that are not your typical suit and tie fundraiser. Our most popular event is the annual Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl, which brings hundreds of folks to the Andersonville area to drink beer and eat brains. We also host a very fun, very sold out New Years event every year that offers affordable entertainment and beverages and a show. We are always experimenting with new events to bring people to the theater and the neighborhood, so be sure to keep up with our Events tab.


And remember any donation to The pH Comedy Theater is a wonderful tax write off, so…you know, you should think about that.


If you cannot attend our shows or one of our events and/or would just like to donate to our theater, you can do so here, and you are awesome!