The pH Comedy Theater is available for any private event you can think of. Our improv comedy shows are perfect for creating a unique and memorable experience. We offer a variety of different shows to facilitate any age or crowd. We can host these shows at our 50-seat venue or we can bring it to your venue. Questions? Contact us and we’ll start getting you answers. If you don’t see a show that speaks to you – talk to us, we are always willing to create something unique just for you and your event. Click on the show title below to learn more about the specific show.




Our lives are lived on social media now. The world knows what we had for dinner AND sees what it looked like. With our private lives being so public, we thought it would be interesting to see if we could figure out what a person was like just by reading their profile. faceshow takes one person’s social media and turns it over to a team of improvisers. The improvisers will not know who the person is until the show starts. They will only get to see posts, images, tweets, etc and based on ONLY THAT they will try and create that person’s life.


PERFECT FOR: Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Birthdays, Adults




Get your audience participation hats on and join the pHrenzy. The fastest, craziest improv show you’ll see on a stage in Chicago. Improvisers compete for your laughs and if they aren’t funny enough you vote them out of the show until there is only one left standing. Along the way you have the opportunity to help with challenges and win prizes.


PERFECT FOR: Rowdy crowds, work gatherings, Birthday parties, Adults, Students



pHamily the Musical

A completely improvised Broadway-style musical. From the songs, to the characters, to the dancing – it’s all made up and it’s all made up with help from you. You decide the plot, you help create characters, you might even decide song titles. This show is big on high energy and fun and is a perfect affordable alternative to a $25+ standard musical ticket.


PERFECT FOR: All ages, school groups, music lovers



Women On Top

The show may feature all ladies, but these ladies are anything but. Weaving together personal honest monologues, storytelling and fast-paced improv, Women On Top is a refreshing look at the role of women in comedy and in life – and a damn funny show.


PERFECT FOR: Fundraisers, bachelorette parties