pH Workshops are tailored to your specific needs. We don’t put a premium on “on the shelf” solutions. We like to listen to the needs of every client and tailor the workshop accordingly. Not every lesson plan or curriculum is appropriate for everyone so flexibility is key. Our workshops ARE designed to bring the most out of your budget. If you need your employees to all become better at sales presentations – we can help, if you need a good icebreaker for a group of new hires – we can help there too. We have divided our workshops into two categories: skill building and team building. Our team consists of professionals from the worlds of advertising, market research, healthcare and finance just to name a few – so we have industry experience and insights. Click below for a few more details and we’ll help you get started putting together the perfect workshop for you. Also, if you don’t see something specific – ask us! We’re more than happy to put together something uniquely you!



Skills Building Workshops

For coworkers who are looking to reinforce their individual skills and guide their professional development, improv training can provide:


Better Engagement while making a presentation, running a meeting, moderating a discussion, or just being in the moment.


Authentic Communication that includes listening, non-verbals, and responsibility of message.


Acting with Confidence on special occassions or everyday interactions with supervisors, peers, or clients.


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Team Building Workshops

For teams, departments, and groups

who are looking to learn strategies to work better together, improv training can provide:


True Collaboration that produces work as a group through support, ideation, and communication techniques.


Creative Thinking that builds upon and explores ideas in a place of “yes” rather than a place of worry.


A Sense of Fun in the Workplace, probably one of the most important skill a team can share and develop.


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