Join our Training Center! Spring auditions are here!

Auditions for our next pHarm House Training Center admissions will be on Saturday, April 8 (4pm) and Monday, April 10 (7:30pm) at The pH Comedy Theater (1515 W. Berwyn Ave.). Please register for an audition slot here. You only need to register for one of those slots.

pH Training Center


The pH Comedy Theater is composed of an ensemble of about 35 performers who rotate in and out of shows on a weekly basis. We want our players to be successful on stage no matter who they are teamed with. Therefore, our training center’s purpose is to help individual performers be able to integrate—and successfully play—with anybody.


The program’s goal is to develop and hone your individual style, strengths, and self-awareness so that you can fit seamlessly into any team or ensemble in the future.


We also want you to play in front of audiences every week!


The 32-week program consists of four 8-week courses and provides participants the opportunity to use skills learned in class in front of a live audience. Each week, students have a 2-hour class (Sundays at 3 PM) and perform a 15-minute set Thursdays at 8 PM at The pH Comedy Theater. At the end of the program, graduated ensembles will have an 8-week run opening for the pH ensemble during 8PM weekend shows.



As a pHarm House Training Center participant, you will receive:

– Quality experiences. Quality teachers. Quality curriculum.

– Bang for the buck. $200 gets you 8 classes and 8 shows.

– pH Journal that follows you through the whole program. This portfolio diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses, tracks your progress, and provides clear feedback about how to improve.

– After finishing all four courses, your ensemble will continue to play as an opening team for pH signature shows for 8 weeks.

– pHarm House is a primary avenue for casting into the pH ensemble.

– Program participants can audition for select scripted shows while still taking classes.

– Free admission to pH improv shows

– Lifetime free enrollment in pH Workshops


pH welcomes performers off all levels of experience and all backgrounds. We are committed to providing a safe space and a joyful time to everyone in our pHarm House Training program.



We hope to see you at auditions!