Cassie Schaeffer

Belleville, PA

Ensemble since 2016

pHarmhouse Class of 2015


1. Cassie used to drive a zebra striped tour bus and give tours through a wildlife preserve.


2. Cassie applied and was accepted to be a Christian missionary in Romania in 2010…she did not go.


3. If Cassie could taste a word, she’d like to try ‘Sisyphean’.


4. If Cassie could time travel, she’d visit 50 years into the future because she hopes everything is way better for women and the LGBTQ community by then…and because she doesn’t want to mess with butterflies in the past.


5. Cassie’s favorite molecule is Chlorophyll — she spent two years studying it in college, it is not as ‘borophyll’ as Billy Madison would have you believe.



Cassie recommends you check out pHamily The Musical, and keep an eye out for a remount of Women on Top.