Drew Current

Denver, CO / Wichita, KS

Ensemble since 2008


1. Drew brushes his teeth and shaves in the shower.


2. If Drew invented a robot, it would be designed to do his laundry — no matter where he threw his dirty clothes, it would pick them up, wash, dry, hang and fold them. It would be called EILEEN: External Intelligent Laundry Elimination Extended Network.


3. Drew always wanted to be a pilot, but thought that he needed perfect vision. Turns out he was wrong, but now he is stuck doing comedy.


4. Drew will watch literally any story involving the “Retired Warrior” or “Getting the band back together” tropes…or just anything with Gordon Ramsey.


5. Drew’s favorite molecule is C13H1802 — more commonly known as ibuprofen.


Drew recommends you check out College Night.