Gordy Andina

Chicago, IL

Ensemble since 2014

pHarmhouse Class of 2013

pHarmteam Alumnus 05-08 — Columbia College


1. Gordy is a concert addict – he goes to a dozen+ concerts and music festivals a year and he live tweets them all.


2. Gordy is the unofficial designated DJ at pH. Need a perfect song to end your show or stand up set or just want to get down, Gordy’s got ya!


3. If Gordy could time travel, he’d visit the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 to witness America’s first introduction to The Who and Hendrix, Janis belting her lungs out & the sweet harmonies of Simon, Garfunkel & Otis mere months before the latter’s death.


4. Gordy cannot ride a bike!


5. Gordy’s favorite molecule is Gallium — he can’t tell you what it is, but the Atomic Symbol is his initials & that is good enough to win his favor.



Gordy recommends you check out Game Night.