Jason Ouimette

Homer Glen, IL

Ensemble since 2016

pHarmhouse Class of 2015


1. Jason has had a pet turtle since the 4th grade. Her name is Copper Shell Ouimette. Her first name is because Jason loved The Fox and The Hound when he was little. The middle name is because she has a shell. The last name is because she and Jason are married.


2. Jason is exceptionally skilled at crying during episodes of TV shows.


3. Jason can’t stop thinking about Mountain Dew with real sugar.


4. Jason has dated three women who ended up on reality shows and only one of them was a farce.


5. Jason’s favorite molecule is Butyllithium because its abbreviation, BuLi, reminds him of Bullion…which is a good song by Millencolin.



Jason recommends you check out Game Nightand wishes you could have seen Pew! Pew! Pew! because he saw it at least 5 times.