John Mahoney

Highland Park, IL

Ensemble since 2015

pHarmhouse Class of 2015


1. John’s childhood nickname was “ugly”. He gave it to himself.


2. If John invited you over for dinner the table would likely be set with Chili and a drink of whiskey mixed with iced tea that he calls “Lake Eries”.


3.  John would like the super power of super agility because he would like to parkour, but not have to workout in order to do be able to parkour.


4. If John had to fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses, he would choose the duck-sized horses. He dos NOT want to fight a duck the size of a horse.


5. John’s favorite molecule is water — because that is how he was born, via water-based fluids…is this too much information?



John recommends you check out Midnight Oiland keep an eye out for future Dangerprov productions.