Megan Erskine

Grand Ledge, MI

Ensemble since 2016

pHarmhouse Class of 2015


1. Megan lived in what she calls ‘The Indiana of France’ for a year after college…sorry Indiana.


2. Megan can twirl a baton at a 5th grade level!


3. If Megan invites you over to dinner, you will find the table set with her signature dish: Garbage Salad paired with any briney beverage (think a Michelada or Bloody Mary) she has on hand.


4. If Megan could time travel she would like to visit any era where penicillin was already invented and women were allowed to work outside of the home. #priorities


5. Megan’s favorite molecule is Au…Gold!



Megan recommends you check out Adventure Library, and wishes you could have seen Pew! Pew! Pew!