Natalie Mueller Younger

Naperville, IL

Ensemble since 2014

pHarmhouse Class of 2013


1. Natalie has broken her front two teeth twice. Once on a gym floor and once on a bottle of Andre.


2. If Natalie could time travel, she would visit the mid 2360’s to chill with Data & Jean-Luc Picard and enjoy a post-capitalist, post-poverty, post-war Earth.


3. Natalie wishes she could play piano but will never admit that quitting lessons at 10 was a bad idea.


4. Natalie’s go-to guilty pleasure is She’s The Man.


5. Natalie’s favorite molecule is Radium — she has a cat named Marie Curie, so it seems fitting.



Natalie recommends you check out Game Nightand wishes you could have seen Pew! Pew! Pew!