Steve Hund

La Grange, IL

Ensemble since 2010

pHarmteam Alumnus — Columbia College


1. Steve does a preeettty good impression of a cricket.


2. One of Steve’s favorite quotes is “Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” from Batman.


3. Steve’s go-to guilty pleasure is Teen Mom — the OG series.


4. If Steve could time travel, he wouldn’t. He’s read enough time travel stories to know that it is never a good idea. Now if he could pause time?! That would be cool. He’d use it instead of the snooze button every morning.


5. Steve’s favorite molecule is ibuprofen — let’s be honest, it is a real life saver sometimes.



Steve recommends you check out pHamily: The Musicaland wishes you could have seen Assemblers 2: Electric Boogaloo.