Susan Haarman

Louisville, KY

Ensemble since 2017

pHarmhouse Class of 2016


1. If Susan could have a superpower, she’d like to have the whole Jean Grey super telekinetic/telepathic package, but minus the repeated dying.


2. Susan would love to invent a drone that would deliver you a cold can a LaCroix whenever you needed and then tell you how proud of you it was for not ordering a Diet Coke even though you really wanted one. It’d be called The LaCroixbot.


3. Susan runs a lot of endurance runs and triathlons, but mostly because medals are SO SHINY!


4. If Susan invites you to dinner, you can bet she’ll make her signature Green Tea Banana Pancakes…and probably some top shelf bourbon on the rocks. #KentuckyGirl


5. Susan’s favorite molecule is Sodium Chloride — she salts everything…even pizza.


Susan recommends you check out Game Nightand wishes you could have seen Election.