pH is proud to offer improv training, for free, at universities in the Chicago area. Students have a weekly rehearsal with pH vets and then perform every Thursday at 10PM. This program is always free to the students and provides a great platform for them to become more confident in themselves and perhaps introduce them to the world of comedy.   Please click on any of the teams below to learn more.


Columbia College

Established: 2007

Members: Melissa Endsley, David Gordezky, Terrence Carey, Max Lazerine, Aidan O'Connor, Jack Bensinger, Hal Baum, Chase Ingrande

Droppin $cience was our third pHarm team to join the program and has been going strong ever since. Run by Education Director and Company Member Kenny Metroff and Company Member Amy Couey, “The Droppins” rehearse weekly and perform longform improv every Thursday night at College Night. Auditions are yearly, and there is no fee to be a part of Droppin’ $cience. In 2011, Droppin’ $cience won the Chicago Regional and qualified for Nationals in the College Improv Tournament for the first time. They went on to make National Finals and placed third overall. In 2012 Droppin’ $cience defended their Chicago Regional title, qualified for Nationals and won the National Title – becoming the first pH pHarm team to capture a National Title.




Depaul University

Established: 2004

Members: William Kennedy, Delia Van Praag, Sam Israel, Briget Flaherty Diehl, Carly Schirber, George David Elrod, Miriam Dybs, Megan Lozicki, David Iannalfo, Michael Meidl

The Rat King (formerly Depaul’s Cosby Sweaters) is the second pHarm Team created and currently the oldest. Rat King has had a long tradition of being an untraditional team and that extended into their 2010 edition when they switched to a musical improv group. They rehearse once a week and have a weekly performance at College Night. Auditions are held every fall for the year. There are no fees to be in the Rat King. In 2011 Rat King was honored to finish 2nd in the Chicago Regional of the College Improv Tournament and get the Wild Card to go to the National Tournament, where they were the only musical improv group. In 2012 Rat King once again finished 2nd in the Chicago Regional and got the Wild Card to go to Nationals. They have since switched back to tearing up normal improv and are coached by Company Members Drew Current and Dan Wright.



Dominican University

Established: 2011

Members: Axel Vargas-Irlanda, Rosa Terracciano, Gabrielle “Gabby” Faloona, Erik Virden, Abbriana “Abbi” Matus, Timothy “Tim” Piotrowski, Savannah Gonzalez, Hayley Nebrig, Khalisha Pullen, Sean Kelly, Mary Alice Maloney

Noise from the Basement is one of the two new teams added in 2011. Housed in Oak Park at Dominican University the Noise from the Basement players have a rich history of theater and performance. The original unit was made up entirely of theater students who were looking to expand into the craft of improv. They were started as an on-campus improv group and were quickly recruited into the pH pHarm league by coach Patrick Serrano. Noise from the Basement performed in the College Improv Tournament for the first time last year and had a very good showing. Noise from the Basement are coached by Company Members Bev Bailey and Patrick Serrano. 



Loyola University

Established: 2011

Members: Elijah Cox, Joshua Rankl, Daryn Robinson, Mary Daly, Tim Lavery, TJ Kegel, Annie Chimienti, Alex Gilman, Ishita Bhama, Rachel Campbell, Robert Martineau, Stewart Jackson

Latchkey Kid is one of the two new teams added in 2011, but our second team at Loyola University! Loyola was formerly home to our very first pHarm Team, BAM and we are very excited to be back on the Rogers Park campus. During the Latchkey Kid auditions only one guy showed up making it a team of almost all ladies – soon other boys were added. Latchkey Kid is also made up of all underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) which means we’ll see these guys around for a long time! Latchkey Kid performed in the College Improv Tournament for the first time in 2011 – in fact it was their first performance in front of an audience ever! Latchkey Kids are coached by Company Members Austin Campion and Anne Murphy – who just happens to be a Loyola graduate and the first pHarm student to make the pH main company.